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You are in this industry because you are talented and have a passion for food and beverage.  But the vision you started with and your current reality aren’t matching up.


  • A savings account that actually has money in it? Man, that sure would be nice. Not being scared to look at your checking account balance would be wonderful, too.  You are grateful to be working in a field you love, but you are still broke. Passion is cool, but it certainly doesn’t pay the bills.

  • What a great talent you have! If only people knew about it.  Instead of being a customer magnet, you feel like you are begging to be noticed.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a plan to market yourself and switch on your magnetism?

  • You know your craft, but the whole website thing seems scary.  You need a professional, polished brand image the truly reflects who you are.  A captivating website that is designed to speak directly to the customers you want to attract would be great, but you aren’t sure where to start.

  • Free time?  What’s that?  You spend almost every waking hour in your business, trying to make it a success. You don't spend time working on your business because you are too busy working in your business.

  • Likes, mentions, and shares make your heart smile, but you would rather spend your time and creative brain power on giving your best to your customers.


If that sounds like you, welcome to Food & Beverage Media and Marketing and congratulations on finding the perfect partner to help you reach your goals. We are a boutique marketing agency for F&B brands and individuals that specializes in content creation and marketing strategy.


No matter if you are just getting started or have been in business for years but want to make more money, you’ve come to the right place. We work with Personal Chefs, Bakers, Catering Professionals, Food Producers, Restaurateurs, Mixologists, Bar Owners and all food entrepreneurs who are looking to build with confidence, grow sustainably, and successfully see your vision manifest.


The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking, you have to have a 'what-the-hell' attitude. - Julia Child 

Food is our common ground, a universal experience. - James Beard

Our team is led by Aleya Harris, a Food & Beverage Industry Expert & Business Growth Strategist who speaks your language and understands your struggles.  As a Le Cordon Bleu Chef and former catering company owner, Aleya knows and loves food and beverage and the power they have to bring people together. As an award-winning marketing strategist, brand manager, and content developer, she is also a pro on the business side and has a passion for helping her fellow business owners to become successful by properly marketing your services.  


Aleya and the entire team at F&B Media and Marketing can’t wait to work with you to help bring your passion to life.


Contact us today so that we can talk about your website, social media, and business strategy.  We are excited to get started!


Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s tradition. - Lidia Bastianich



Cooking is the art of adjustment. – Jacques Pepin


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There are few professions whose primary objective is to advance the cause of humanity rather than simply to make money or accrue power. Among this limited group of humanitarians, I would number teachers, nurses, bookstore owners, and bartenders. - Jack McDevitt




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Helping you hit your bullseye

F&B Pros, we all know that this industry is driven by passion, creativity, and a love for the craft.  But, you became an entrepreneur to do what you love and make good money while doing it.  If you aren’t seeing your hard work producing lucrative results, something needs to change.  


Ask yourself: What drives you and your business forward?  What is your personal why? How can you use it to see real financial gain?  If you fast-forwarded and your accountant told you how much money you made over the past 12 months, what number would they have to say to make you feel successful? Put that number and your “why” in the center of your bullseye and let’s work together to hit it.



MacKenzie is a baker who has worked in the industry for a few years but has decided to start her own bakery.  


Like many F&B entrepreneurs, she is looking for a higher quality lifestyle and financial success. MacKenzie is a single mom and her biggest “why” is that she wants to have more flexibility so she can spend more time with her two young kids, Leah and Malachi.  She also wants to have more creative freedom, grow her brand, and make more money.


But how much more money does she need? She is trying to purchase a home in the Los Angeles Area, which would require her to bring in an additional $3,000 per month. Plus, she wants to purchase a bigger car for family road trips, which would cost about $50,000.


MacKenzie’s why: She wants to spend more time with her kids


Additional money needed for 12 months: $86,000


MacKenzie currently makes about $60,000/year.  

In order to reach her goals, she will need to make $146,000 net over the next 12 months.


MacKenzie's number in the bullseye: $146,000


MacKenzie’s why is so strong that it will continue to motivate and inspire her to hit her number in the bullseye.  But, how does she do it?


MacKenzie loves baking everything, but her specialty is cakes.  The size of the cake market is projected to be USD $75 billion by 2023.  Sounds like a great time to jump in and make her mark. MacKenzie decides to focus on wedding cakes, which she makes an average net profit of

$500 each.  


To make her $146,000 number in the bullseye, MacKenzie has to sell 292 wedding cakes at $500 net profit each in 12 months.


If she goes to 5 large wedding expos per year where she lands 15 clients per expo, her business will be well on its way!


What if MacKenzie decided to niche herself as a luxury and large wedding cake maker and was able to make a net profit of $750 for each cake?


To make her $146,000 number in the bullseye, MacKenzie has to sell 195 wedding cakes at $750 net profit each in 12 months.


Her next considerations would be: How much time does she want to spend making the cakes herself vs her team?  What other streams of income could she create? How should she manage her labor and food costs?


There are several routes to hit your bullseye.  This is just a basic example to show you the type of strategic thinking we can work through together to grow your business.

Reach out today and let's get started on your business.

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