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As you and your business begin to dabble in the world of social media, it’s inevitable that you’ll hit a rough patch or two where the creative juices just stop flowing. It’s in these moments that ideas and topics for new and exciting content seem impossible to come up with. Perhaps you think you’ve said all you can say about your business and the various services you offer to your clients. Or maybe a bout of writer’s block has turned your latest blog post into a total dud.

When it comes to content and generating new ideas, there are a few widely accepted content categories that can help you brainstorm topics in no time at all. These categories are easy to follow and can have a major impact on your social media following.

Content Categories

The content your readers enjoy can take on a variety of forms. Not everyone enjoys the same things on social media, so it’s important to try and appeal to as many of your followers as possible. In doing so, you may have to experiment with different content types and approaches to turn posts into profit.

I’ve taken the time to point out four different content categories that can open your business up to even more of a variety of topic. And by doing so, I know for a fact that we can help boost your following and increase your social engagement.

1. Entertainment

It might seem a bit unorthodox to suggest that any business in a field that isn’t entertainment, focus energy on posting that sort of content, however, entertainment is more than just what you watch on tv and all the celebrity gossip.

In fact, as a food and beverage professional, you can post wacky memes or acknowledge national whatever day while still staying on task. For example, there’s no need to explain why you’re posting about National Pizza Day or National Wine Day if you’re the owner of a pizzeria or pub. And the best part about these sorts of posts is that they’re always on trend.

Entertainment posts can also include things such as jokes, contests or giveaways. It’s pretty much a given fact that everyone loves a freebie. Another way to entertain your followers is to create content that offers up trivia or even provides a sense of nostalgia. I mean, who hasn’t uttered the phrase, “in the good ole days?”

2. Inspiration

When you think of the words inspiration and social media, chances are your mind instantly goes to those images of scenic views or a nice sunset where there’s a motivation phrase or saying written overtop or underneath. And to be frank, these types of posts can work for your business and can help you engage your followers. But when it comes to inspirational posts, there’s much more to discover.

Another type of inspiration posts includes a mix of private stories and customer testimonials. Everyone loves an underdog story, so if you feel up to it, take the chance to tell your own rise to success and the many ups and downs along the way. But your own stories aren’t the only inspiring ones your followers will want to hear. Sharing testimonials or reviews from past clients that enjoyed your services can go a long way. These can also help to build connections in the minds of would-be clients.

3. Education

It’s said that we learn something new every day, so why not help lead the charge and help post educational content for your followers? Say you’re a caterer who has been in the business for 20 plus years and you want to reach out to newbies and help guide them along the way. A perfect way to do this is to write up some tips and tricks or maybe even create a video that can act as a tutorial for a particular topic.

Holding a Q&A is another type of content you can post about to help keep the conversation going, while also educating your audience. Ask followers to submit their burning questions about a particular topic and then take the time to respond in the comments or in entirely new posts.

4. Promotions / Conversions

The final content category we’ll be dealing with today is the most business-centered because it’s all about leading followers to make purchases. The problem with creating content that is aimed at getting people to buy things, is that people don’t want to be told to buy your products. This is where business owners should get creative.

It is believed that for any business, 20 percent of your social media posts should be geared at promotion. This can take on a variety of forms, many of which you’ve probably used elsewhere in your online campaigns. These can include webinars on a given topic, mentioning freebies for joining your mailing list, or even a post about the various services you offer. All of these are topics that can push a call-to-action to your followers and sway them into making a purchase.

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Now that you’ve learned how to break down content into categories and branch out and brainstorm new topics from there, you’ll be developing more social media content than you’ll know what to do with. I bet your mind is already spinning with all the awesome new content you want to use online!


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