• Aleya Harris


Have you ever heard that followers don’t matter because they are fake? If you were to Google “does my follower count matter,” you will find a myriad of articles explaining why you should forget about who’s following you. Well, I’m here to tell you that real followers do matter and can be crucial to building your food and/or beverage brand.

Followers help build credibility

If you have a small following, people tend to think you might be not be a legitimate company or brand. If you have a lot to offer, why are so few people following you? A larger following lets people know that you are a trusted brand. Also, with so many fake and spam accounts on the rise, a larger following can give people the peace of mind that they are indeed following the right business.

Followers expand your reach

I think it’s safe to say that more followers equals more eyes on your content or at least a higher possibility of more engagement. I’ve seen this in my own social media posting. When I had only a handful of followers, sometimes my posts would become popular by chance, but many times the numbers of views or likes would reflect the number of followers I had. As I grew and more people followed my account, the amount of viewers looking at my posts steadily increased.

This is important because as a food and beverage company, you’re ultimately trying to sell a product. More eyes on the product means a higher chance of selling that product. In addition, if your followers like your content they will share your posts with their friends, exposing it to others you may not have reached.

Followers help you connect

People love it when a company or business takes the time to connect with them and a higher following gives you the chance to engage your audience. Like I mentioned before, more followers means more people will see your content. More eyes on the content opens the door for more comments, questions and other conversation starters. That’s an open invitation to connect with the people showing interest in your brand.

The bottom line is followers are important. You will more than likely get the occasional follow from a bot or two, but if you focus on you the real people, your brand will make waves in the social media world. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you're just getting started on social media and want to put your best foot forward, we have created a handy guide just for you called "The Social Media Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide For Food and Beverage Business Professionals". Click HERE to download.

Be on the lookout for the next installment of our debunking series. In the next post, we’ll be talking about those funky pound signs that this generation has dubbed "hashtags". You'll learn what they are used for and why you should use them for your own social media efforts.

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