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Because social media is such a powerful tool in the world of marketing, it’s not uncommon for new and emerging business owners to take to the Internet to seek out advice and help in growing their company and establishing their brand. With that said, it’s important to remember that not everything you read online is true. There are a lot of assumptions and outright myths about using social media for your business that could lead you away from your goals really quickly.

Over the next five weeks, I’ll be tackling five major social media myths that are less fact than fiction. I’ll be covering everything from fake followers to invisible business pages.

But what better way to start our debunking journey than a common myth that deals with growing your following.

Social Media Myths #1: Tag Everyone You Know To Grow Your Account

It’s been said that Rome wasn’t built in a day and in the case of building your social media empire, you’re not going to become Instafamous overnight. It takes time a pretty solid strategy to help increase your following and there’s a right and wrong way to go about it.

I’m not sure where this myth originated, but some businesses and even private accounts truly believe that tagging everyone you know can help build your following. The reality of this theory though is just the opposite.

Let’s think of it logistically: If you simply tag everyone in your friends list on a Facebook post, chances are they were already going to see it because you show up on their timelines. Most of your friends are also already familiar with your business and what services you provide, so tagging them in every single post is setting them up to unfollow or even delete your profile from their friends list.

This plan of attack also isn’t bringing anyone new into the conversation. Social media growth is all about bringing an unknowing audience and potential clients into the loop. With sticking to people you already know, you’re cutting yourself off to untapped sources.

And while tagging everyone you know might not be the best technique to grow your social media following, here are a few ways that might be able to help:

1. Start Following People

It might seem like common knowledge, but sometimes if you want people to follow you and listen to what you have to say, you have to take the initiative. Following suggested friends and businesses can help you connect with people that might not have sought out your business otherwise. Most people are pretty generous with their followbacks, so if you make the first move, they’ll likely reciprocate.

Every social media site has a different outlet for allowing users to find new and suggested profiles. On Instagram, there’s the "explore" feature, while Facebook has the "people you may know" sidebar.

2. Use Relatable Hashtags

Hashtags are another awesome way to attract a targeted audience to your page. I know they might look like wasted text underneath a picture or status update, but hashtags are actually quite useful when it comes to attracting the right people to your posts.

A hashtag is an easy way for a person to help find solutions to potential problems they might be having. They’re very much like a resource book in that by typing a related word or phrase into the search bar, you can bring up every reference where this hashtag has been used across the platform. By including hashtags related to your business, you’ll make yourself easier to be found and might just gain a few followers in the process.

3. Collaborate With Other Accounts

Another way to ensure that you’re getting your name out there into the digital world is by collaborations. Is there another business or local restaurant that you enjoy and have a good working relationship with? Are they also big into social media exposure? If so, it might be best to try and work out a collaborative post or event that can be beneficial to both your businesses.

Collaboration can take on the form of something as simple as tagging the business page on your posts, or it can look more advanced like a web series or a live broadcast. No matter what method you choose, you are exposing yourself to the audience of the other collaborator. If their followers like what they see, they’re probably more likely to follow you too!

Not only have I debunked a common misconception that may have harmed your social media following, but I also provided you with a few fun and unique ways to set you up for exponential growth.

If you're just getting started on social media and want to put your best foot forward, we have created a handy guide just for you called "The Social Media Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide For Food and Beverage Business Professionals". Click HERE to download.

Be on the lookout for the next installment of our debunking series. In the next post, we’ll be tackling the importance of maintaining a social media following. Do our followers really matter, or are they all fake?


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