• Aleya Harris


You log into Instagram and scroll through photos taken by similar accounts. You see that they have hundreds of thousands of followers. You’ve barely cracked the 500 mark. So, what are you doing wrong? Or, rather, what do you need to start doing right?

I’ll let you in on a secret – those accounts didn’t become popular overnight. And you will never get there if you continue down a path of random postings. You need to look at your social media accounts the same way you look at any other marketing funnel. The key to keeping your social accounts as fresh as the vegetables in your kitchen is consistency and quality. It takes commitment and consistency to see your ROI.

The quickest way to see that return? Start to outline brand guidelines for the types of images you are going to begin posting - and stick to them. Need help getting started? Here are some tips on deciding which photos to post to Instagram.

Brand Standards

Just like you'd never send out a dish that didn't meet your expectations, you should develop standards for your account. What face do you want to present to your consumers? Are you going to take them behind the scenes, introducing them to chefs, servers and all the people that come together to make your establishment so amazing? Will you be sharing photos of food prep, or only the complete dish? What story do you want to tell the public?

Outline your brand's social identity and then stick to posting.

Pics of Your Product or Service

If a person eats a meal but doesn’t post pics to Instagram, did it even really happen? Not in today’s world.

Give potential customers a taste of what’s to come by sharing drool-worthy photos of dishes you’re serving up. And when they share their own shots, give them a shout-out by repurposing their content and sharing to your page.

Pics of Your People

You’ve shown them what you have to offer, now show them who is offering it. Introduce new employees and familiar faces. You know that new cocktail that all your customers are raving about? Snap a pic of the bartender making it. Did your pastry chef just complete a chocolatier course? Celebrate the milestone with your fanbase.

Support Your Local Community

Is it high school graduation weekend? Does the annual spring 5k race pass by your window front? Share photos of these events. In your captions, offer a special deal to those participating. Free smoothies for anyone who shows you their race bib; a pastry on the house if you come in wearing your cap and gown… You get the idea.

Instagram is a free marketing tool that allows you to put your best face forward. With some consistency and cohesiveness, you’ll see your fan base grow in no time.


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