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If you’re just getting started with social media for your business, the whole thing can be a bit overwhelming. You probably have a lot of questions like “Where do I start?” “What do I say?” “How do I get followers?” “Is this even worth it?”

Before you just delete the Instagram app off your phone and forget the whole thing, let me assure you that by using social media you can most definitely grow your business.

According to Hootsuite, 3.48 billion people now use social media. That’s an increase of 9% from last year. Put another way: 45% of the total world population is using social networks. If you aren’t participating in the social media conversation, you’re leaving money on the table.

If you aren’t posting, you aren’t profiting.

Using social media has a heap of benefits. A few of them are:

  • You can get started for free. That’s right - gain a lot of brand awareness without spending a dime.

  • You can grow your following using ads, hashtags, and engagement strategies.

  • You can learn about your audience through built-in analytics. This helps you both on and offline.

  • Potential customers can easily contact you right from your profile.

  • You’re meeting your customer where they like to hang out instead of forcing them directly to your website.

  • 37% of consumers find purchase inspiration through social media, which means you can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc to influence the buying choices of your ideal client.

Ready to get started? Great, because I am ready to help.

The first thing you gotta do is learn the lingo. Here are the top 5 social media terms that every food and beverage business owner needs to know. These are the concepts that are most relevant to making social media work for your business, not just your selfie-game (although I am sure your selfie-game is strong, my friend).

1. Hashtag

Although many people use hashtags to emphasize a topic or conversation, their main purpose is to help users discover relevant content. They are Instagram’s sorting method. When you click on a hashtag, you’ll be able to see all posts with that hashtag. Users can also follow hashtags so that posts appear in their feeds. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags and I highly recommend that you take full advantage to increase your follower count and your visibility.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your audience and the topic in your post. You can also Google “top hashtags for…” if you get stuck for ideas.

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2. Engagement

This is any type of interaction on social media. This could include likes, shares, comments, etc. Engagement is important because it shows that you are posting content that encourages two-way communication. You are building a relationship with your audience. The more likes or comments you have, the better.

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3. Conversion

You can say a follower has converted when they take a desired action. For example, you convert casual visitors into followers when they click the “follow” button. You convert a social media follower to a website visitor when they click the link in your bio or profile. You convert a website visitor into a client when they make a purchase or book an event on your site.

The goal with social media is to start the conversation and nurture the relationship to nudge towards the sale by providing relevant, value-adding content.

4. Analytics & Insights

Facebook Analytics and Instagram Insights give you invaluable data about your posts, engagement, likes, shares, and more. You want to make sure that you are using a business account/page so that you can get the benefit all all that juicy data. Just like how you can tell if a dish is popular in a restaurant by sales numbers and you plan staffing according to the number of average covers for that service time, data allows you to improve your business and marketing strategies.

5. Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixels allow you to retarget your website visitors on social media. Translation: If someone visits your website and takes action, if you have a Facebook Pixel installed, they will see your ad when they go to Facebook. Basically, it is one step away from stalking. This nifty little invisible dot on your website helps you get real value out of your Facebook ads and drive more traffic back to your website.

Those are the top 5 must-know social terms if you’re ready to get serious about growing your business. If you want to keep learning about ways to be more successful through online marketing, sign up below to receive our Marketing Success Recipes in your inbox weekly. I will send you instantly applicable tools and strategies to grow your business.


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