• Aleya Harris


It’s been said that at the heart of any relationship is communication. Communication can take on many forms, both verbal and non-verbal. It’s the way we interact with those around us and how we listen as well as get our own opinions and points across. Communicating online can use a different set of rules, especially in the world of marketing.

Before social media and online interactions, advertisers and marketing companies had very limited resources to reach out to their potential customers. These included television ads, radio announcements, and various print media. This all changed in the last decade or so thanks to the birth of the Internet and social media. Whereas previous forms of marketing communication offered only one-way interactions, social media now allows for constant contact between your business and the consumer. These interactions are what is known as social media engagement.

According to TimeTrade, at its essence, social media engagement is a measurable means of determining how effective your social media interactions with your customers has become.

This measurement can be made in a variety of ways, including likes, shares, views, comments, and anything else of the sort. These figures and numbers are then compared to industry or specific company-set goals to determine whether or not the engagement is positive or negative.

And while media engagement may seem like an abstract concept on paper, in the marketing world, it’s more important than you might think.

Engaging with customers on social media can do wonders for both your brand and your customer loyalty. Getting your name out there on social media shows to possible clients and valued customers that you’re willing to go above and beyond for them. It adds a trusted value to their business interactions and can make the customers feel like more than just a statistic, but a valued customer. At the same time, if a potential client stumbles across your page and notices a large following or likes across various platforms, this can sway the would-be client to make the connection that your business is trusted and is in good standing.

Social media engagement is also important because it allows your business to have a second chain of command when it comes to customer service. Social media isn’t just a localized thing. Potential clients can reach out and ask questions and purchase your services from anywhere across the globe, expanding your marketing reach.

By interacting with customers online, you also help alleviate some of the stress and concerns surrounding more traditional customer service outlets. It’s no surprise that most customers don’t enjoy waiting on hold for hours on end to have even the smallest customer concern dealt with. Something as simple as responding to a comment on a Facebook post can help give the customers what they want, without the wait.

No matter how you choose to engage with your followers, simply taking the initiative can make a world of difference for your business.

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