• Aleya Harris


A picture is worth a thousand words. And during the age of “snap it before you eat it,” a picture could be worth a thousand customers. New research has shown that consumers aged 18-35 spend five whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram. Additionally, 30% of those browsers would choose to skip a restaurant if they found photos less than ‘gram-worthy. So how do you use this free form of advertising to your advantage? Here are some tips on what you should be including in every Instagram post.

Talk to Me

The biggest mistake you can make when posting a picture to Instagram is posting it without a caption. You’ve attracted them with an image. Now, you need to give your followers some context. Will they see that man flipping cocktails behind the bar every Saturday night, or is that a guest bartender participating in a charity fundraiser? That pizza looks amazing, but is it a standard red tomato sauce? Don’t just assume someone scrolling will receive the message you’re trying to convey. Be sure to convey it.

It’s All About the Hashtags

A hashtag is a word placed after the # symbol, to tag photos on social media. Users can search for hashtags to find specific content. They are a simple way for food establishments to reach a larger audience. Using location-based, as well as cuisine-specific hashtags, you allow a potential customer to find you quickly through a search. Before adding these to your post, consider the following:

  • Does this hashtag add marketing value to my business?

  • Will this hashtag add value to my consumers?

If you’ve answered yes, then tag away. Some popular restaurant hashtags include #foodie, and #EatingfortheInsta. Consider creating a simple hashtag specific to your business.

Keep It Fresh

Every Instagram post should be a fresh piece of content. You wouldn’t serve up stale bread. Don’t serve up stale content. If you can’t dedicate yourself to your Instagram account on a daily basis, you need to carve out some time to stock up on photos that you can quickly share throughout the week. Take shots of daily specials, your most popular dessert, or a sunset outside your storefront’s window. A scheduling tool will help you load up posts for the week.

There is no denying the power of Instagram. What was once a simple photo-sharing app has taken the world by storm, allowing companies to put their brand identity out for everyone to see. Take aesthetically pleasing photos, describe the photo in the caption, and use hashtags to optimize your own Instagram account.


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